Years Rent Upfront! Holiday? Wedding? School Fees? What would you spend yours on?


Traditionally, when you let a property, your rent is paid monthly. However, with our Rental Plus  we pay the landlord their whole years rent in advance. This is not a loan, but a genuine advance of the landlord's own monies.

Getting all your rent upfront for a year has many potential benefits. If you have a buy-to-let mortgage, you'll have peace of mind that the repayments will be paid on time even if the tenant pays late. Alternatively, this substantial sum could be used for a new investment, a reinvestment or for that special treat.

Examples include:-

• Refurbishing existing properties to increase rents.
• Large purchase like a luxury holiday or car.
• Expand your property portfolio.
• Settle credit cards or loans.
• Wedding ceremony.
• School fees.

To qualify for Rental Plus, your property will be automatically registered to our low-cost Property Management service. From this point on we take care of collecting the monthly rent and commence fully managing your property.

We don’t cover for rental voids, but you won’t need paying us back if we keep managing your property. We'll just recoup any shortfall from future rents.

Rental Plus is not a loan, so there is no additional paperwork, only the relevant tenancy agreements. Rental Plus is available for both new or existing leases. The application process doesn’t depend or affect your credit rating.

A Rent Guarantee policy is also available and offers protection in the event of nonpayment of rent by the tenant. Meaning you won’t have to repay any of the 12 months rent advance back to us.