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Agent Zero is the affordable, simple and transparent way to sell your home. It’s the best of traditional estate agency combined with a fixed fee pricing structure. The main difference is our dramatically cheaper rates which, as opposed to 0.5% to 2% +VAT of the price of your home, enable you to sell a property for only £599. Other advantages include, we offer a very flexible service, and absolute clarity on what you’ll receive for your money.


Option 1 - Upfront Saver

Traditional estate agents work on a No Sale, No Fee basis. This means that traditional agents can end up doing a lot work for nothing, and therefore have to charge the successful sellers more, in order to cover the costs of those sellers who don’t end up selling. By charging an upfront fee of £599 for our Upfront Saver option, each seller is paying for the work that’s being done, and therefore we don’t have to worry about covering the costs of those that don’t sell.

Option 2 - No Sale, No Fee

We also offer a No Sale, No Fee option, but that's fixed fee too. We believe in offering all the services that sellers are normally accustomed to, but again we only charge a fair low cost fixed fee of £1,199.

YES, is the simple answer and the following scenarios should help clarify things!


We’re happy to market your home alongside other traditional estate agents but can’t if you’ve already signed a contract for sole agency with another agent. Great, if your current contact isn’t sole agency but we also advise you check for multiple agency fees liability as you may still have to pay the other agent their fee even when you sell through us. You’ll then need to wait until this agreement runs out and/or give notice before switching to us, but if you ask nicely, they might release you from the contract early!


If you’ve chosen our OPTION 1 (Upfront Saver) fee package, it’s a simple YES.

If you've chosen our OPTION 2 (No Sale, No Fee), there’s a minimum 16-week sole agency period where Agent Zero exclusively markets your home for sale. After 16-weeks you're free to engage in multi-agency.


We recommend against multi-agency because with Agent Zero you'll already be advertising as widely as any other IOM agency would do. You could also end up paying expensive high street agent fees, but if you want we’ll happily market alongside other agents subject to our one and only condition of a 16-week sole agency period if you opt for our OPTION 2 fee package.

We're your agents, so we’ll immediately advise you of all offers and either accept or decline them depending on your decision. Agent Zero will talk to buyers and negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price for your home. You always have complete control over how much you want to accept.

In comparison to traditional estate agents, Agent Zero has far fewer overheads. With no pricey high street shops we can afford to keep our overheads low without sacrificing our quality of service and means we can pass this saving on to you with fair fees.

We’ll provide you with guidance as to the market value of your home based on comparing it to the price movements of like-kind properties that sold recently in similar locations. We also factor the condition, layout, square footage, build type, work undertaken and plot size of your home into our market valuations. We also suggest you carry out your own research - Ask your neighbours what they bought their houses for and check online for any sale comparables to your home with other agents. Our fees aren’t based on a percentage of the sale price and this allows us to be completely objective when asked to market value a property. Our recommendations are just that - recommendations! We’ll work with you in setting a realistic asking price you’re happy with.

We’ll provide you with guidance as to the market value of your rental investment based initially on the same comparable sales method we use for homes and then apply an income approach method which is often used by investment professionals when valuing assets. For investors to be interested in your buy-to-let your asking price needs to be within sight of the results that these type of calculations achieve. These valuations are always more complex than for homes, but we’ll work with you and set an asking price you’re happy with.

We conduct all property viewings, however you might like to do the viewings yourself. Sellers are often surprised by how much they enjoy hosting their own viewings and potential buyers often prefer being shown around by the owner who can answer all their questions immediately. Nobody knows your property like you do and remember we're always on hand to help you out with advice on how best to conduct viewings.

Yes, we’ll erect a free For Sale board outside your property. For Sale boards are probably one of the best 24 hour marketing tools available and unless you have a really good reason why you wouldn’t, we’d recommend you take advantage of one. We appreciate, you may not want your neighbours to know you’re selling but a regular question buyers ask when boards are absent is, ‘is this seller serious about selling?’. If you really don’t want a board, then there’s no obligation to have one!

We’ll market your property online with high quality photography and floor plans. The pictures we use to showcase your property may determine whether a buyer arranges a viewing or not, so first impressions always count and makes our photos hugely important.

Rightmove statistics have shown that people will spend 35% longer on a property listing with a high quality floor plan than one without. So, by us increasing the time that people look at your listing, the better it is for you.

We’ll create a professional advert for you which includes a detailed property description. We'll visit your home, take photos, take details about the property, and draw up a floor plan. Once you’ve reviewed and approved it, it’ll go live online.

Yes, you can update the price at any time during the marketing of your home at no extra charge. However, we do advise on a level of moderation when altering prices, and we’ll work with you in finding a new asking price you’re more happy with.

With our No Sale, No Fee option, and just like traditional estate agents we do have a 'sole agency' contract period, which gives us exclusivity to list your property for a minimum of 16-weeks.

There's no contractual period with our Upfront Saver pricing option, so you're free to market with other agents at no extra cost from us. All upfront fees payable to us, are non-refundable (except where our refund policy applies).

You may be entitled to a 14 day cooling off period from the moment you instruct Agent Zero, up until the time you approve your advert to go live. Therefore, at this point it will be deemed that we have provided a marketing service and you will no longer be entitled to a refund.

Whichever fee option you choose, we'll market your property for up to 10 months, if necessary.

See our full Terms & Conditions.

In general, it's much easier finding a property than selling your property. We suggest putting your house on the market well in advance of looking for your next one, purely because of timescales. Remember, you don't have to accept an offer on your home before you have found a new one, and you can also ask any potential buyer for time to find one before you move out.

Fixtures & fittings are generally included in the sale. Your advocate will ask you to fill a form in readiness of sale completion - if there are any curtains you plan on taking, you'll need to specify them.

White goods have little or no value - if you really want to take them, then you'll need to specify this in your form. If you don't want them it's unlikely any buyer would pay extra for them.

Furniture is generally not included in a sale. If a buyer requests buying a piece of furniture you will have to negotiate this matter separately. Buyers sometimes ask for a piece of furniture to be included in the sale if they offer £x amount.

There are no rules on what's included or not in a sale but all the above are considered normal - in the end it all depends on what you write in your paperwork.

Yes, we do! Once you’ve accepted an offer, we’ll send out the memorandum of sale to the advocates. We've routine deadlines for each part of the process, like securing deposits, having surveys done, conveyancing, etc. We'll contact relevant parties when deadlines approach. It’s also vital that your chain is held together, so we’ll keep an eye on that throughout the process, and update you along the way.

Although fairly simple, there's quite a lot to explain in this small box, so we recommend you read our page on How It Works

  1. The first thing we recommend is finding out how much it's worth. To do this, you can call us to arrange a home visit.
  2. If you have a mortgage, you'll need to notify your lender that you're planning to sell.
  3. Get started by contacting us again and arranging a photography & floor plan appointment.
  4. Prepare your home for viewings by cleaning and getting rid of clutter.
  5. On our home visit we'll politely point out areas that could do with improvement. We strongly advise that you think seriously about decorating certain areas, where it's needed, and repairing any damages.
  6. Instruct an Advocate to perform the legal process and transfer ownership of the property.
  7. Accept an offer - you can decide on accepting or declining offers as they come in.
  8. Negotiate the contract - you need to work with the buyer to decide - length of time between exchange and completion, what fixtures & fittings will be included and how to address any problems that may arise from the survey. We'll help you!
  9. Exchange contracts - once you exchange with the buyer, you're legally committed to selling them the property, and they're legally committed to buying it from you.
  10. Complete the sale! At this point the property officially changes ownership. You will accept payment and give the buyer all your keys. We advise that you move out before this date.

Under our terms of service we market your property for up to 10 months. Should you wish to renew, you'll need to pay our upfront fee again, at the prevailing rate, if you choose Option 1. However, our 28 DAY REVIEWS should ensure you never reach this time limit. 

Yes, we keep all personal details safe, secure and confidential. We don't share your details to anyone without your prior permission.

You're always in control of your home sale!

We'll simply remove a listing if a seller changes their mind about selling, but we don't offer refunds for Option 1 instructions.

Furthermore, if we have a buyer who is "ready, willing and able" to proceed, and our seller then decides not to sell, our fees are still payable in accordance with our standard terms of service.

When a buyer requests a viewing on your property we'll contact you. At this point you'll need to decide on whether you want us to carry out the viewing or if you'd rather host it yourself.

If you decide on us hosting the viewing, then you'll be consulted on a convenient date/time, so that you can plan on whether to be in or out.

If you decide on hosting the viewing yourself, then we'll arrange a convenient date/time for everyone. Once the viewing is done the marketing process reverts back to us to follow up and see if an offer is forthcoming.

Finally, we appreciate that most sellers prefer not to get too involved with buyers.

9am - 8pm Monday to Thursday

9am - 6pm Friday and

10am - 4pm on Saturday

07624 33 88 88 on Sunday


We'd love to hear from you! Don't hesitate calling us on 07624 33 88 88, or email us at hello@agentzero.im

We have absolutely no hidden charges and pride ourselves on being completely transparent. Have a look at our Home Page for a full breakdown of what's included.

Your home can be listed the very next day depending on your availability to agreeing the drafted property listing. We aim to have your property online within 48 hours of you registering with us.

If you'd rather set a specific date to list your home, we can do that too.

Call us on 07624 33 88 88 to arrange a home visit. We normally expect to visit your property within 1 working day depending on your availability. It's then a further working day to prepare the listing - so the whole process usually takes about 2 working days.

A slightly different approach is needed when selling these types of properties. It's vital that we understand the level of modernisation needed, so that an asking price can be set that you're comfortable with. Viewings are probably better left to us to do, and we'll make sure buyers cost, as best they can, the works they propose doing before making you an offer. What you don't want is a buyer suddenly finding a further building cost, well into the conveyance, that affects their budget and then attempts lowering the already agreed sale price. Agent Zero acts with your best interests in mind, so this type of situation is something we actively look to avoid.

Yes, we certainly think so! The Agent Zero website has been developed from scratch, and designed to list your home on well designed web pages which promote properties in the best way possible.

Our aim was to create a website platform which looked really good and loaded fast. You can enlarge any part of our website and experience none of the usual pixelation problems. Property images are stored on a separate server to the website, which automatically optimises every image for fast download in PNG, JPEG or WebP format, e.g. a WebP is used in Chrome OS. We also think our property search engine is particularly good. There are plenty more features we could tell you about but it would start getting too technical!

Our website is hosted with Tsohost a high performance Web Host secure server in Maidenhead, UK.

Our images are hosted with Sirv a high performance CDN secure server in Oxford, UK.

We hope you like our website enough to list your property with us.

We'll promote your property on our own Agent Zero website, Facebook and our own affiliated Facebook Group.

We accept the following forms of ID but please note that we cannot accept the same piece of ID as proof of identity and proof of address.

Proof of Identity

  • Current valid passport
  • Current full or provisional IOM photocard driving licence
  • EU/EEA Member State Identity Photo-Card or National Identity photocard (Not UK)
  • Northern Ireland electoral ID card
  • Instruction from the Court appointing an individual: Court of Protection or Grant of Probate
  • Confirmation of receipt of State Benefits from a DSC (including Government issued Pensions)
  • IOM Tax Notification letter or Statement of Account

Proof of Address

  • Current IOM photocard driving licence (full or provisional)
  • Current old style IOM driving licence (full)
  • Notification letter from DSC / other Government Department confirming the right to benefits pension (issued within the last 6 months)
  • IOM Tax Notification letter or Statement of Account
  • Letter confirming residency from a Nursing Home/Care Home
  • RATES bill (issued within 6 months or valid for current year)
  • Statement or letter from Bank / Building Society / Credit Card / Mortgage / Life Insurance / Investment indicating that a relationship exists (issued within the last 6 months).
  • MEA or Manx Telecom bill (not a mobile phone bill - issued within the last 6 months)
  • Advocate's letter confirming recent house/land purchase (issued within the last 6 months).
  • DSC / Housing Association / Public Letting Agency tenancy agreement Tenancy Agreement or letter
  • TV licence (valid for the current year)
  • Vehicle tax renewal document (issued within the last 6 months)

We're refreshingly transparent with fees, and we're please to say -  there are no additional costs!

Prior to a viewing, the potential buyer needs to supply their full name, address, contact number, email address, whether they own a property to sell, their chain position and their financial arrangements for buying.

When a buyer makes an offer on your property, we ask for two forms of ID, proof of funds and confirmation of any mortgage in principle.

Some will say the catch is poor service because of the fixed fees we charge, and that the traditional commission based estate agents are better. We say it's our low overheads that allows us to offer you fixed fees; without any compromise to service.

So, is there a catch? We'll let you decide!

Yes, we think there's a place for a fixed fee proptech estate agent here in the Isle of Man.

The estate agency industry is in the process of change. In the UK, USA and Australia fixed-fee estate agents/realtors are slowly becoming more popular, and a major change to the whole industry is on the horizon. Estate agents will simply have to modernise and streamline their businesses to survive. This is already happening within other industries, with the likes of Uber and Airbnb.

Agents who don't embrace change will simply go out of business and other agents will strengthen their positions by merging their businesses into one. There's certainly a place for commission based agents, but there'll just be less of them in any given area, and they'll have to be transparent with the value of service they offer to sellers for their percentage fees.

We are an estate agent with low-cost fixed-fee charges and zero percent commission.

So we decided on, Agent Zero . . .

We offer 2 payment options, so you can decide what's best for you. All payment options are fixed fee. We don't charge commission.

Upfront Saver (Option 1)

This is a great value option, and our lowest fixed fee. 

No Sale, No Fee (Option 2)

Our, No Sale, No Fee option is more expensive, but it's still an amazingly low fixed fee. When you select Option 2, you only pay when your property is sold. Terms & Conditions apply.

We have 2 options to choose from:

Upfront Saver (Option 1)

A fixed fee of £599 upfront, and £0 on completion.

No Sale, No Fee (Option 2)

£0 upfront, and a fixed fee of £1,199 on completion.

Both options include everything you need to sell your property:

  • Valuation report
  • Website listing
  • Property description
  • Professional photos
  • Floor plans
  • For Sale board
  • Targeted on Facebook
  • Online bookings
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Buyer qualification
  • Negotiate best price
  • Constant communication
  • 28 day reviews

Should your home be on the market for longer than expected, then our 28 DAY REVIEW will help focus on what is needed to sell your home before the next review date. We'll help you to look at your options and carry out a full marketing review every 28 days. We'll look at your previous viewings & feedback, ways to boost viewings and re-examine the local market including details of any new listings in your area.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free valuation!

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