My story begins back in 1986 when I started working in sales for an estate agent in Wembley. By the time the 1990’s had arrived the London property market was in a pretty poor state, with homeowners suffering from negative equity after the boom & bust of the late 1980’s. It was a buyer's market, and the lowering property prices allowed me to afford several rental properties. By 2005, the property market was starting to overheat again. House prices were going through the roof and a crash was surely on the horizon. It had all the hallmarks of the late 80’s property crash, so I decided to sell everything and by 2006 had moved to the Isle of Man. The following year, both the property market and the banks had crashed.

Since moving here I have purchased, developed, let, and sold properties in Douglas. Along the way, I followed the local property market with much interest, and in 2020 I decided to launch my own estate agency. There was little point creating an agency which didn't offer sellers something new, so I created a hybrid estate agency. One that would offer all the services that traditional estate agents do, but for a fair fixed fee, and completely do away with commission. However, that still wasn't enough, the agency had to include a high level of service, as sellers would assume inferior standards because of our low fees. So customer service had to be on-point, the website had to be elegant & innovative, and we had to offer comprehensive digital marketing into our fixed fee. In addition, unlike UK fixed fee agents, we simply couldn't allow our sellers to host the viewings themselves - we had to do them!

Therefore, we use technologies to do the heavy lifting in all areas of administration, overheads are constantly kept to a minimum, and all the time we keep a close eye on the quality of our service to ensure there are no compromises! Finally, our company name simply reflects we're an estate agent with a zero percent commission policy.

I trust my experience and vision are enough to persuade you to arrange a valuation?


Our vision is to be the property adviser of choice in the markets we serve. Agent Zero aims to be different, by providing honest straightforward advice, and to deliver an exceptional service for a fair fixed fee that we can be proud of. We don't set out to be the biggest, just the best, and to achieve this we strive to go the extra mile for our clients. It's what gives our sellers the necessary confidence needed to work with us. Estate agency is web driven with 85% of all property searches now starting online. We've created our own innovative website which is elegant and designed to ensure maximum exposure of your property. We also use digital marketing campaigns to promote the sale of your property, which gives us more control, tools and data to analyse the effectiveness of a campaign over the more traditional estate agent marketing techniques. Finally, our fixed fee pricing structure is the core foundation of us striving to be the People's Estate Agent . . .

I hope our pledge, of offering a traditional estate agency service but without the high fees, will help you decide in contacting us?

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