Our Aim

We′re a block & property management company for the Isle of Man. Our aim is to offer a complete and transparent service to landlords, tenants, residents & contractors. Cost efficient, data rich & hassle free. The whole process, banking included, for how we live today.

Your expectation of property managers will change for the better, because we give our customers a stack of products that offer a powerful combination of carefully designed services and PropTech solutions.

Why not contact us now to discover how our TechStack of property management solutions can help you today and for tomorrow?

Understanding Landlords

Our new approach to block and property management protects your biggest asset, removes the worry of doing it yourself and all for a low monthly fixed fee.

Rental Know-How

We manage our own properties, so we understand the challenges facing landlords. From managing your rental and organising repairs to rent collection, we'll take care of everything while you stay in control.

Smart Technology

Combining know-how with smart tech, we make the whole rental process simple, transparent and affordable. A tech-ahead company powered by people.

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Our Mission

Urban Space has a mission: to make renting fairer, safer and cheaper for everyone!

We believe there’s a better way for managing agents to charge for services, rather than the percentage model used by our competitors.

That’s why we work on a FIXED FEE basis, with no hidden extras for landlords. Research suggests that landlords ultimately don’t want the cheapest fee, but they do want good value for money.

You’ll actually save money with us, and gain hugely in terms of quality of service. We’ll support you all the way from creating the tenancy, through to collecting the rent, and finally managing your property or block. This includes gas and electricity certification, inventories, photography, insurance and more - as and when you need it.

Our unique rent collection service uses separate virtual landlord bank accounts which we use to hold your tenant(s) rent. We also have a whole suite of different collection methods for you to choose from, and we’ll propose a perfect rent collection service tailored to your business needs. 

We monitor and match these rents on our platform as they come in, any late or light payments are flagged, and we go into immediate action with your tenant. Correct and timely payments are automatically reconciled, and quickly deposited into your bank account minus our fees. Our smart tech collection service is unique to us, works seemlessly with IOM or UK bank accounts, and makes us the islands only agency able to offer such a comprehensive service. Contact us for a demo - Your cash flow statement and balance sheet accounts will never look so good!

A high quality service for a low cost fixed fee is a little revolutionary, but that’s what sets us apart.

Urban Space is therefore proud to be the ONLY fixed management agency for the Isle of Man.

Pre-Let Q&A

How can you offer such low fees?

Our low fees are a reflection of our streamlined business model.

My property isn't available yet. Should I still list?

We certainly won't stop you! There is no limit to how early you can list a property with us as long as you let us know when it is available.

What you should bear in mind is that your best exposure will be when you first list - this is because your property will appear as new, and all tenants with search alerts will be notified only once (when you first list). Hence, we recommend listing a week or so before viewings are possible, and 2-4 weeks before the property will become vacant.

Why do tenants have to place a holding deposit?

Placing a holding deposit of one week's rent tells us tenants are serious about renting a property. It allows us to begin the tenancy process, so we can stop promoting the property to other tenants and start arranging referencing and contracts.

As the name suggests, this is a deposit and is not a charge or fee.

Tenancy Q&A

Who keeps the holding deposit?

The holding deposit is placed towards the first months rent upon successful contract signing.

If the tenants fail referencing and can't secure appropriate guarantors, or the landlord isn’t happy with these tenants, the holding deposit is returned to the tenants. If the tenants decide they no longer want the property, the landlord can make claim to the holding deposit to cover the cost of the property being off the market.

Why should I take a deposit?

Most landlords ask tenants to pay a deposit before they move in. They may be entitled to keep all or part of it if tenants:

  • leave the property owing rent
  • damage the property
  • do not pay their bills
Can I customise the tenancy agreement or add my own clauses?

The main terms in your tenancy are set by the details you provide when we create your listing - price, deposit, contract length, etc. The move-in date is agreed in consultation with the new tenant. You can change any of these details when drafting the contract at the relevant stage.

We advise against adding custom clauses, or using the custom clause section to overrule any clauses in our standard contract - however, we realise sometimes landlords want this flexibility, and therefore we have enabled the adding of custom clauses. Note that Agent Zero Management will not look over clauses added, or ensure they are legally sound, so use at your own risk! Our general policy is to provide a tenancy that is broad reaching and which reflects industry best practice in terms of protecting the interests of both parties. As such, we don't feel custom clauses should be required.

Repairs & Rent Q&A

How do we deal with tradesman charges?

We advise our landlords to keep a £250 float per property to deal with property maintenance issues, but the level is entirely up to you. A contractor from our panel will carry out the necessary work(s) and their paid invoice will be attached to your monthly statement so you can see we don’t charge any mark-ups. We will then top up the float from the rental income or, where necessary, we will ask our landlords to top up the float. This is part of our mission to give you a hassle-free service. For larger jobs, we will contact you with a quotation and seek your approval before instructing the contractor. However, we are totally flexible on this and will be happy to cater to your exact requirements, which we will agree with you when you sign up.

How many contractors do you have on your panel and do they cover all aspects of property managment and maintenance?

We have a growing list of excellent contractors - covering all trades across the Isle of Man - all of whom have signed up to our code of ethics and give us the best rates possible. We do not mark up their prices or take any secret commission, and this is an important reason why contractors want to be selected for our panel. Any contractor who fails to comply with our code of conduct and high level of service is removed from the panel.

What if rent is currently paid directly to me and I would like to continue with this arrangement?

We can work with this arrangement, but we would say this may be more hassle than it’s worth because we will need to ask you for funds before we can instruct any maintenance work and then for funds to top up the float after each expense. If we collect the rent, all hassle is removed and rent is turned around within 24 hours.